Music Publishing

Hacate Entertainment Group (HEG) was founded in 1989 by songwriter and artist Sarah-Chanderia, who made a promise to herself that she would never offer deals which she, as a writer and artist, would feel uncomfortable signing.  The company includes several different publishing entities, including Hacate Music (ASCAP-est 1989), Vinkona Music (BMI-est. 1997), KittiKami Music (SESAC-est. 2001) and Hacate Entertainment (TONO -est. 2002).  We represent the rights of a select group of writers; some of which we represent for multiple songs worldwide, and some for one song in one territory.  Our goal isn’t to control music, but rather to work as partners with committed professionals who are as serious about their careers as we are, to make sure that they get all the money they’re entitled to – and to kick some serious ass if someone uses the music we represent for something without our writers’ approval.