Music Business Education

HEG President Sarah-Chanderia has created a series of seminars designed to educate writers, artists, companies and organizations on the workings of this business of music.  Seminar topics include:

  •  Music Publishing Basics – What are the rights associated with copyrights, and how do songs make money?
  •  Synchronization Licensing – Music in films, TV shows, advertisements and games.  How does it work and what does it earn?
  •  Music Publishing Contracts – What do you need to know to protect yourself?
  •  Marketing – What marketing tools do you need to sell your music?  What should be in a bio?  Do you need a website or is a Facebook page enough?  This comprehensive seminar explains what you need and why.
  •  Networking – The music business is run by people… but how to get to them?  Understand how to be taken seriously by the people who make a difference.
  • Music Conferences – MIDEM, SXSW, by:Larm, WOMEX, Eurosonic, etc., etc.  How can attending a music conference help you?  Which ones should you consider?  How do you prepare, conduct yourself at the conference and follow-up once it’s finished?  Make sense of it all with this conference overview.
  • International Markets – How is the business different in Japan?  In the U.S.?  A market-by-market education for those thinking of taking their music global.

Please contact us for information on booking a presentation.  Sarah-Chanderia has presented seminars, moderated/appeared on panels and/or spoken at:

Nobel Peace Center (Norway), MIDEM (France), Popkomm (Germany), Music Export Norway, Høgskolen i Innlandet Music Business Management Bachelor’s Degree Program (Norway), GramArt-Norwegian Artists’ Association, NOPA-Norwegian Songwriters Association, NFU-Norwegian Film Organization, by:Larm (Scandinavian music conference), Innovation Music Network (Norway and Sweden), Export Music Sweden (Stockholm), Rock City (Norway), NISS (Norwegian Institute for Stage and Studio), Atlantic Music Event (Faeroe Islands), Liverpool Music Week (U.K.), The Record (Moscow, Russia), WOMEX World Music Conference (Germany and Spain), Baltic Music Conference (Latvia), Forte Riga (Latvia), Pacific Circle Music Conference (Australia), Canadian Music Week (Toronto), Nordic Music Seminar (New York City), South by Southwest (Austin), State University of New York (Adjunct Composition Faculty Member 1996-2001), Association for Independent Music (Various cities-U.S.), Loyola University Continuing Legal Education (New Orleans), Berklee Internet Music Seminar (Boston), LMNOP/WIM Music Conference (New Orleans), Atlantis Conference (Atlanta), ASCAP Panel: Woman in Music (NYC), Rockrgrrl (Seattle), NEMO (Boston) and the Indie Music Forum (NYC) and many more.