Music Business Consulting

Hacate provides comprehensive music business consulting services for writers, performers, companies and organizations, including:

  •  Song Evaluation Services – An honest opinion on your songs and how you can make them better.
  • Presentation Evaluation and Improvement – Are you tired of not getting anywhere?  Find out how to present your music and yourself in a way that will make sure you’re taken seriously!
  • Target Market Strategy – Think your music is right for films?  Think you would do great in other countries?  We have designed and implemented international industry strategies that have resulted in star status.  Find out what markets are the best for your music and how to break into those markets.
  • Creation and Proofreading of Marketing and Promotional Materials – Need a bio?  Have a bio but need to make it sparkle?  Have a company putting up a new website or putting out a promotional flyer?  Make sure your materials are professionally written and presented.  Services available in both English and Norwegian.
  • Contract Negotiation and Contract Creation – The music business is a special animal, and when considering a deal you need to be protected by someone who knows and understands the business and its contracts.  Although we are not lawyers, we have successfully negotiated and/or written hundreds of contracts for writers, artists, companies and organizations.  We’ve also been successful in getting clients out of deals they’re no longer happy with.  At the very least, you’ll know where you stand!