Time flies when you’re having fun… or working your butt off!  So many great projects, people, music and experiences – far too many to list.  I guess this is what’s meant by having an embarrassment of riches!

While I don’t often get time to actually sit down and write out my thoughts (and I’ve never been fond of the fast food of communication known as social media), every once in a while I get the urge to let those of you who I have the honor of having in my life that I treasure and truly appreciate you.  Every single day.  There are SO many unhappy people in the world – I count myself to be incredibly fortunate to have the joy of working with music that I love, with people that I respect and with projects that I can’t wait to work on the next day every time I close my eyes at night. There are SO many situations over which we have absolutely no control.  But the one thing we can control?  How we react to those situations.  Why choose to be unhappy when you can choose to be happy?  Of course, some things happen that (for lack of a better term) suck.  Such is life.  But even in those situations there is usually a lessen to be learned, an opportunity for growth, a chance for change.

Take the chance:  Choose to be happy!

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