January, 2010

It works!!!  It is good to see that after my 30+ years in the music business, good people can still make it.  Marit Larsen’s resounding success inGermanyis proof positive of that – it couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more talented person – to someone who has paid her dues and who truly deserves it.

Marit is the real thing.  However, we all know of people in the industry whose motives are suspect.  We should remember that even when some in the industry act in a dishonorable fashion, it doesn’t mean that we all must stoop to their level.  In spite of what many believe, it isn’t just about the money.  The very fact that I was able to use my experience and contacts to bring Marit’s music to exactly the right ears at exactly the right time is a reward in and of itself:  I’ve proven that I can help an artist reach the next level, without compromising myself or my ideals in the process.

The music business is a long-term investment.  For those looking to get rich quick, move on to another industry.  Too many promising artists have been ruined by the unscrupulous actions of those they thought they could trust, only to be sold out to the highest bidder.  That is a betrayal of not only that individual artist, but to all of us who have lost the music they would have created had they worked with people of honor and integrity.

Let us all make a promise to ourselves:  Let us never lose sight of why we got into this business to begin with.

Let us never lose our sense of solid ground.

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