January, 2004

Sometimes it’s all you can do just to keep up.  No matter what you feel, how tired you are or how much you just wish you could take a couple of days (weeks? months? years?) off and sit by a beach, it seems impossible to take the time.  There’s always just one more thing that HAS to get done right away – one more deadline/conference/meeting/project or one more stupid situation or misunderstanding that HAS to be resolved.  “I’ll take some time off later” becomes a litany of sorts – the music business equivalent of the little engine panting “I think I can, I think I can” as we struggle up the hill of success.

But what is it that we’re all working so hard to achieve?  Is it about power?  Is it about money?  Is it about fame?  Or is it some magical combination of all three?  What does success mean, anyway?  For some, it seems that nothing less than worldwide domination will do.  For others, the respect of their peers, friends and families are enough.  And for yet another quiet – but I suspect larger – group, success means simply knowing that they have done their very best.

As I sit here working away nearing the end of yet another 12-hour day, I have to ask myself the question:  What does success mean to me?  What will make me satisfied?  What will make me happy?  After all, to adopt someone else’s idea of success is to try to taste a gourmet meal with someone else’s taste buds.  It is simply impossible – and more importantly, it is impractical.  We all really only have one definition of success:  Our own.

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