Hacate Entertainment Group Logo

Hacate Entertainment Group is dedicated to finding, promoting and protecting music in its finest forms while respecting the basic right of writers and artists to retain control over their work.

The company was originally founded in 1989 in New York City (where it still maintains a business) and is now run from the headquarters in Oslo, Norway.  In addition to traditional music publishing (with a heavy emphasis on synchronization licensing), the company also provides fast, reliable rights (music, film/TV clip, name/likeness/publicity, logo, photo) clearance services to the advertising, film, television, game industries, as well as for living stage productions. 

Have you been approached to have your music used in a production… but don’t know what to charge or how to protect your rights?  We do, and we can help you.  We provide consulting services to artists, companies and organizations, and also conduct seminars designed to educate participants on the workings of the music business.

We love music and respect those who create it.  We are honored to represent some of the best-known music in the world, and strive to represent all our music with integrity.  We are fierce in protecting our music and honest about our abilities.  And whether it’s music publishing, rights clearance or consulting, we will do our damnedest to get the job done.